King Arthur (Clear: DM, VWD1, & EIC)

KING ARTHUR: Is currently growing up and should be mature enough to breed during Spring of 2017.  The photo below is at a few weeks old. 

A new corgi photo will be added in the Spring once he's a year old.  At 10 Months old this corgi is 28 lbs and still growing.  He's became a low corgi with a husky body.  Yet somehow this corgi boldly jumps onto his doghouse, while he looks at the world below.


  • DM Clear - This means no spinal deterioration, because he has 2 good genes.  Only 11% of corgis in the world are DM Clear, which makes King Arthur a very rare corgi.  Any puppy he fathers is also safe from DM.
  • VWD1 Clear - This means his blood clots normally after injury, because he has 2 good genes.  Any puppy he fathers is also safe from VWD1.
  • EIC Clear - This means no exercise induced collapse after high intensity exercise, because he has 2 good genes.  Any puppy he fathers is also safe from EIC.
  • Fluff Carrier - This means he has 1 normal hair gene, and 1 long hair gene, and he has normal hair.  

BREEDING: King Arthur can be bred to Tinker Bell and Alice.  You can see the Health Results for each girl on their page.  Once bred with these 3 girls the puppy's Health Tests would be as seen below:

  • All puppies DM Safe as DM Carriers.
  • All puppies VWD1 Safe as DM Clears or Carriers.
  • All puppies EIC Safe as being EIC Clear or Carriers.
  • 75% of puppies Normal Hair & 25% Fluffy Hair.
  • If a few puppies have long fluffy hair, it still results in all puppies being safe from the 3 Health Issues that affect other corgis.


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