Simba The Lion King (Clear: VWD1 & Fluff) 22 AKC Champions

SIMBA THE LION KING: - Male AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

At 16 months old he is 28 lbs, and still growing into a beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

PHOTO: Taken at 16 Months Old. Still growing, because most Pembroke Welsh Corgis don't reach full mature size until 2 years old.

DM Carrier - This means no spinal deterioration, because he has 1 good gene.
VWD1 Clear - This means his blood clots normally after injury, because he has 2 good genes. Any puppy he fathers is also safe from VWD1.
EIC Carrier - This means no exercise induced collapse after high intensity exercise, because he has 1 good gene.
Fluff Clear - This means he has 2 normal hair genes and a normal length hair. Any puppy he fathers will also have normal length hair.

AKC CHAMPION LINES: Simba's Grandpa from Washington is an AKC Grand Champion. Simba's ancestors include 22 AKC Champions on his 5 Generation Pedigree.

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