Tri Girl 2 - Reserved: Bailey in Miami, FL

AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

Tri Girl 2 - Reserved: Bailey in Miami, FL
Past customer who returned to get 2 puppies from this litter.

Total Cost on the other Corgi puppies is $1400, but this puppy is less due to an overbite and indention on upper gums.

Our Vet took a look and said: "Many dogs have overbites, and they rarely affect the dog. The indention in the gums will cause a gap between the teeth, but should be fine."

Parents are tested for Degenerative Myelopathy, Exercise Induced Collapse, Von Willebrand Disease Type 1, and Fluff. This puppy is safe from all 4 issues.

ID: Tri Girl 2
FATHER: King Arthur
MOTHER: Queen Gwenevere
BORN: 3/4/19

2nd smallest Corgi puppy when a newborn, and smallest at 5 weeks old.
1st Corgi puppy to stand on all 4 legs, and even before her eyes were open.
Also 1st Corgi puppy to regularly eat soft food.
At 5 weeks old, she's Tim's favorite pup in the litter due to her spunky personality.

She developed an overbite. Between 3-5 weeks old a dog's upper and lower muzzle grow very fast. Sometimes they grow at different rates, which causes an overbite. At 5 weeks old it wasn't noticeable at first glance, because everything looks fine from the exterior. However, if you open her mouth and pull down the lower gums you see that the lower teeth are around 1/8" to maybe 1/4" further back than the top teeth. A week later at 6 weeks old it is no worse or no better. From the exterior she still looks fine with it not being noticeable unless you open her mouth and pull back the lower gums. In a few weeks or months it could look better or worse. Overbites usually affect nothing or just the exterior looks. At the moment it does not affect the exterior looks.

MUZZLE: White on both sides of the nose.
STRIPE MISMARK: Instead of a thin stripe on center of face she has a very wide stripe.
COLLAR: White all the way around the collar.
EAR MISMARK: Left ear has a small white spot instead of body color. Neither parent has that mismark, but one grandpa does.

CORGI VIDEO: 5 Weeks Old

CORGI PHOTOS: 5 & 2 Weeks Old

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