AVAILABLE 4th Pick - Sable/Red Boys


4th Pick between 4 Sable/Red Boys. To be picked when the puppies reach 5 Weeks Old. Total Cost will be $1200 without AKC Papers, or $1400 with AKC Papers.
CORGI PUPPIES BORN: September 19, 2019.
CORGI FATHER: Pending DNA Test between Robin Hood & King Arthur. She resisted Robin for 3 days, so we tried Arthur on the last 2 days. The process for DNA Testing by the AKC can take 9-12 weeks and 2 more weeks to get AKC Papers for a total of 11-13 weeks before AKC Papers are available, so we offer this litter without or with papers.

COST: $1200 or $1400
Usually we charge $1400 for Pembroke Welsh Corgis with AKC Limited Rights as a Pet. On this litter they are $1200 WITHOUT AKC Papers, or usual $1400 with AKC Limited Rights. Corgis will go to homes at 7-8 weeks old, and if you want AKC Papers they'll be mailed after the DNA process is done.

WAITLIST DEPOSIT: $200 paid below for a spot on the Waitlist.
BALANCE: $1000 is paid in cash when you inspect and receive the Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy.
OPTIONAL AKC PAPERS: $200 paid below on the same day you paid to get on the Waitlist.
At this time only taking deposits on the boys. After DNA testing is done we'll pick a girl, then the other girl will become available.

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