Red Girl 1 @ 4 & 7 Weeks Old - RESERVED: Everett in Memphis, TN

GENDER: Girl Corgi

COLOR: Red Corgi

FATHER: Prince Charming

MOTHER: Sleeping Beauty

BORN: Friday September 25th, 2015

SIZE: Smallest puppy in the litter.


  • Muzzle has a little white near nose. 
  • Face Stripe has a faint hint of a white line up the nose and forehead, but barely visible. 
  • Collar goes 3/4 of the way around the neck being very narrow behind one ear, wider directly behind the head to form a rectangle like shape, and turns to red behind the other ear.

PHOTO 1: Slightly before 4 Weeks Old.

VIDEO 1: Slightly before 4 Weeks Old.

VIDEO 2: Slightly before 7 Weeks Old.

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