Welcome to Arkansas Corgis.


  • Around October 3-10 one or two corgi litters might be born.
  • Around October 24-31 come to the website to pick a corgi & pay a deposit.
  • Around November 22nd or 27th the puppies will be ready for homes.
  • Corgi Parents: Prince Charming & Sleeping Beauty
  • Corgi Parents: Prince Adam & Tinker Bell
  • Charming's litter could be Reds & Redhead Tri Corgis.
  • Adam's litter could be Reds, Redhead Tris, & Blackhead Tri Corgis.
  • Corgi Deposits will be $100
  • AKC Limited Pet Rights is another $550 when you receive the corgi.
  • AKC Full Breeder Rights is another $800 when you receive the corgi.


We're the Randall Family and we raise Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Arkansas. Our Pembroke Welsh Corgis are socialized in a family environment with 2 adults and our 2 daughters.  The pembroke welsh corgi puppies come with AKC Registration Papers, AKC Litter Certificates, AKC 5 Generation Pedigrees, Health Records, and Pedigrees to the 1930s to show how your corgi from us is related to the Queen of England's corgis!

Our pembroke welsh corgi puppies are properly docked and have their dew claws removed by a Licensed Vetenarian.  All vaccinations and deworming are upto date when you receive your pembroke welsh corgi.  We provide a health schedule, so you can continue to take the best care of your pembroke welsh corgi puppy.

Most of our customers live several hours away across the South and Central U.S., so we can meet you within 120 miles for free.  See Corgi Delivery for more information.  We don't ship by plane or van like irresponsible breeders do, but corgi owners from the 12 States of: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, and Tennessee thought it was worth the trip to get our pembroke welsh corgi puppies. 

Our goal is to improve the breed and to educate people about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  You will not find any faults like bluies, whitlies, or fluffies here.  You will not find any downsized 15-20 lb toys either.  Our pembroke welsh corgi puppies grow up to be 11-12" tall and 25-29 lbs, which is ideal Show Condition by Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed standards. 

If you like Champion Bloodlines, each of our pembroke welsh corgi puppies is related to atleast 10 AKC Champions in their 5 generation pedigree.  Our corgis are also related to Canadian Champions, British Champions, and UKC Champions.

If you like Corgi History, we've tracked our pembroke welsh corgis' pedigrees to the 1930s!!!  Well give you pedigrees showing you how your new corgi is related to Queen Elizabeth's Pembroke Welsh Corgis!!!

If you like smart well behaved corgis with great personalities, one of our puppies at just 5 months old won a Trophy for Obedience.

Meet the Parent Corgis! 

Meet the Past Corgis!

See the Corgi Puppies!

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