Corgi Breeders

COST FOR CORGI BREEDERS: ($1200 to $2000 Depending on 4 Health Tests)
  • $1200 for DM Carrier, EIC Carrier, VWD1 Carrier, & Fluff Carrier.
  • + $300 if DM Clear.
  • + $300 if EIC Clear.
  • + $100 if VWD1 Clear.
  • + $100 if Fluff Clear.
  • If within 3 years you sold a corgi to us for less, we'll match your price.
  • Contact us before our puppies are 3 weeks old, so we can test to find the Clears for your breeding program.  Otherwise we might not be planning to test the corgis that will go to other customers as Pets.
  • You must provide Lab Results showing that you also test your Pembroke Welsh Corgis for at least DM.
  • You must provide a link to your website or photos of your corgis, so we can see that your breeding practices follow acceptable guidelines.
  • Fall 2017 Simba & Mulan Litter.
  • 50% chance of DM Clear.
  • VWD1 will all be Clear.
  • 50% chance of EIC Clear.
  • 50% chance of Fluff Clear.
  • Mulan seems to be growing a Smaller Size at 21 lbs at 13 months old, and still growing some.
  • Arthur at 5 months old is 17 lbs, and still has a lot of growing to go to reach his expected Medium Size.
  • We plan to test all Boys in hopes of finding & keeping a boy that is Clear on all 4 things.
  • If any breeder is interested in a Girl from this litter, we will also test them.
  • This info will be updated as Mulan gets closer to 2 years old, and Arthur to 1 Year Old.
Other Litters in Summer 2017: (Primarily for Pets)
  • Arthur with Tink, & Arthur with Alice.
  • DM will all be Carriers.
  • VWD1 will all be Clear.
  • EIC will be Clear or Carriers, Arthur is Clear, haven't tested these 2 Girls yet.
  • Fluff: 25% Clear, 50% Carrier, 25% Fluff.
  • Both mothers are 12" tall, long, and 28-32 lbs.  Their father is our husky 32+ lb Prince Charming.
  • Arthur is closer to 11" tall, and at 10 months old is 28 lbs and growing.
  • Therefore we expect any puppy to grow up to become large 28+ lb corgis, even the girls.
  • We plan to test Girls from these litters in hopes of finding & keeping a: DM Carrier, VWD1 Clear, EIC Clear, and Fluff Clear.
  • If any breeder is interested in what should become a large boy, we can also test them.

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