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Our Corgis Are Related to Royalty!!!

You get Pedigrees to the 1930s to prove it!!!!

In July 1933, the Duke of York saw a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Rozavel Prima.  His daughter Elizabeth was impressed with the corgi, and asked for her own corgi. 

Thelma Gray the owner of Rozavel Kennels visited the Royal Family.  Elizabeth was given three corgis to pick from.  She picked Rozavel Golden Eagle, because he had a slightly longer tail than the other two.  The queen said:  "I want him to have to wag a little, because otherwise we do not know if he's happy or not."  Then she nicknamed the corgi "Dookie", because it reminded her of her father the Duke of York.

In 1936 the Duke became King George VI and since her dad was now King, Elizabeth decided it was a great time to get her second corgi.  Once again the Royal Family contacted Rozavel Kennels, and they added Rozavel Lady Jane to the royal family.  Lady Jane was Dookie's half-sister.

In 1936 Elizabeth wanted to breed her first litter of corgi puppies, so the Royal Family contacted Rozavel Kennels a third time and a male corgi was brought in to mate with Lady Jane.

In 1944 for her 18th Birthday Elizabeth got another female corgi named Susan.  Susan was later mated with yet another male from Rozavel Kennels

In 1952 Elizabeth became the Queen of England.  Today every corgi that she owns is a descendent of the corgis that she got from Rozavel Kennels, and bred with other corgis from Rozavel Kennels.

Randall's Corgis: All of our corgis are related to the Queen of England's corgis, and their ancestors from Rozavel Kennels.  When you receive your puppy you will receive Pedigrees all the way back to the 1930s, which show how your new corgi puppy is related to the Queen of England's corgis.

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