Alice In Wonderland (Clear: VWD1)

Alice is 12" tall and 28 lbs, which is at the top of AKC show standards for female Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

CORGI FAMILY:  Belle and Prince Charming are her parents.  Sleeping Beauty and Roper are her grandparents.

CHAMPION BLOODLINES: There are 13 AKC Champions in her 5 Generation Pedigree.

ROYAL RELATIVES: We've traced Alice's heritage past the 1930s, and she is related to the parents of Queen Elizabeth's Corgis who came from the Rozavel Kennels in Wale.

VWD1 CLEAR: This means her blood clots normally, because she has 2 good genes.  Plus all of her puppies will also be safe from VWD1.
DM At Risk: This means like 52% of Pembroke Welsh Corgis she has a small 2.5% chance of developing DM Spinal Deterioration. 
Fluff Carrier: This means she has a normal coat, but has 1 long hair gene.
EIC: We haven't tested her for Exercise Induced Collapse yet, but the boy we breed her too is EIC Clear.
BREEDING: Alice will be bred with King Arthur.  Arthur is DM Clear, VWD1 Clear, and EIC Clear.  Once the two are bred every puppy is safe from DM, VWD1, and EIC.  Arthur is also a Fluff Carrier.  Therefore there is a 75% chance of the puppies having normal length coats, and 25% chance of having long fluffy coats.  Even if a few puppies have long hair, every puppy is safe from 3 illnesses. 




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